Buy now, pay in Bits

Credit payment app for shoppers to buy and repay in bits at zero interest rates from premium channels.

How it works

We integrate at checkout

Simple user experience. If you don’t have online payments, we will help you set it up.


Proprietary underwriting

Our API is called and we determine the buyer capabilities.

Flexibility for our buyers

Customer sees the payment options which have already been approved for them.


We pay you

Once the goods are shipped, or the service delivered, we pay you (we take a merchant fee). No need to worry about bad debt, we’ll deal with the hassle of collecting payments.

Got products/services to sell?

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Spin up a Channel

Sign Up on Kwivar and create a Business account to sell your products or services.

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Create a Catalogue

Create a catalogue of products or add services you offer.

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Receive Cash

We reward you with cash back each time you buy with buy now. With kwivar, you win every time.